Qingzhou Mao

Visiting Scholar

1357 S. 46th Street, Building 177
Richmond, CA 94804
United States
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Dr. Qingzhou Mao is an associate professor of Wuhan University. His main research field include: satellite navigation system, remote sensing and geographic information system (3S) integration theory and method, GNSS/IMU-integrated navigation & position technology, high-precision laser measurement and point cloud data intelligent processing algorithm, pattern recognition and vision measurement technology and its application in transportation, mapping and industrial engineering fields.

Dr. Mao’s primary research collaborator at UC Berkeley is Research Engineer Wei-Bin Zhang. 


  • 2002.9-2008.12, Wuhan University, Liesmars, Doctor Degree
  • 1999.9-2002.6, Wuhan University, Electronic Information School, Master Degree
  • 1995.9-1999.6, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, Bachelor Degree

Recent Publication

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