Photo Gallery 1

Demo 97 Expo Site at Miramar College




Aerial View of Mini-Demo Short Tracks at Miramar College



Entrance to Exhibit Tent











NAHSC Display Explaining AHS Background at Entrance to Exhibit Tent, with Carol Jacoby from Hughes






Transpor-tation Secretary Rodney Slater and NAHSC Program Manager Jim RIllings







Secretary of Transpor-tation Rodney Slater is Briefed by Ohio State’s Umit Ozguner






Senator Barbara Boxer is Briefed by PATH’s Han-Shue Tan at the Mini-Demo Track













Juergen Gueldner explaining magnetic guidance to media









FM Firebird II Automated Concept Car from the 1950s









GM Firebird II Automated Concept Car from the 1950s, Rear View Showing Gas Turbine Engine






Multi-Platform Free Agent Demo Vehicles at CMU









Multi-Platform Free Agent Demo in Progress on I-15









Multi- Platform Free Agent Demo Team










Todd Jochem of CMU Narrates for Bus Passengers on Multi-Platform Free Agent Demo Ride







Status Display in Free Agent Car, Driving at Night









Passenger Loading and Unloading at North Staging Area









Platoon Demo Vehicles Depart South Control Yard on a Demo Rehearsal Run







Cut-Away View of Com-ponents  of a Buick LeSabre Used in Platoon Demo





Labeled View of Equipment in Trunk of Buick Platoon Demo Vehicle







Juergen Guldner of PATH Demon-strates Hands-Free Driving Of a Buick LeSabre Under Test at Crows Landing





Scott Johnston of PATH Demon-strates Hands-Free Driving of a Buick LeSabre in Golden Gate Fields Parking Lot






8-Car Buick Platoon on I-15











8-Car Buick Platoon with drivers waving to show “no hands”









Head-Up Display on Buick Driving in Platoon at 58 mph









Delphi In-Vehicle Display Showing Status of Platoon Demo








Platoon Vehicle Display Informing Riders of the Start of Split Maneuver








Platoon Vehicle Display Informing Riders of Imminent Lane Change








Second Car in Platoon Demo Falls Back Auto-matically to Rejoin at the End of the Platoon 








PATH staff Bill Stone, Steve Shladover and Wei-Bin Zhang Confer at South Control Yard 






PATH Team That Operated Platoon Demo






Platoon Demo Team