Program Agenda

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DAY 1 - Thursday February 16, 2017

8:00 Registration-Garbarini Lounge, Lobby of Bechtel Engineering Center
Welcome Breakfast


8:45 Introduction – Moderator: Tom West, PATH Co-Director, sibley Auditorium

Welcome Remarks by U.C. Berkeley Officials:

Shankar Sastry - Dean, College of Engineering, U.C. Berkeley
Alexandre Bayen - Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, U.C. Berkeley
Trevor Darrell - Co-Director, PATH; Director Berkeley Deep Drive, U.C. Berkeley


9:00 Session 1: ITS In the Making - A Thirty Year Retrospective
Moderator, Pat Conroy, California PATH Program Manager (retired)

  • Caltrans and pioneers of the PATH and national ITS program will review the motivation for the founding of PATH, and how PATH has catalyzed and influenced the development of ITS around the world and helped to shape the nature and future of transportation.

Adib Kanafani - Professor of the Graduate School, Civil and Environmental Eng., U.C. Berkeley
Robert Skinner - Former Executive Director, Transportation Research Board
Masayoshi Tomizuka - Professor, Mechanical Eng.; Associate Dean, College of Engineering 
Jean- Luc Ygnace - Senior Scientist, IFSTTAR, France


10:15 Session 2:  California Leadership in ITS – What does the past tell us about the future? – Moderator:  Wei-Bin Zhang

  • California leaders will discuss their views on ways in which the future transportation enterprise will evolve, the role of ITS, and how California can position itself to lead the nation and world in ITS research and development.  

Coco Briseno - Deputy Director, Planning and Modal Programs, Caltrans
Steve Heminger - Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Randell Iwasaki - Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Dragos Maciuca - Technical Director, Ford Research and Innovation Center, Palo Alto


11:15 Break

11:30 Session 3:  Current State of Transportation Innovation – Moderator: Tom West

  • National and California leaders will discuss the current state of transportation innovation and the role of public agencies and academic institutions during this transformative period.

Jim Appleton - Chief, Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation and System Information
Jeff Lindley - Associate Executive Director and CTO, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Mark Norman - Director, Development & Strategic Initiatives, Transportation Research Board
Jane MacFarlane - Executive Director, Sustainable Transportation Initiative, LBNL 

12:30  Lunch – Garbarini Lounge, Lobby of Bechtel Engineering Center


1:45   Session 4: Innovative Transportation Solutions for the Next Thirty Years – Moderator: Ben McKeever

  • panelists will discuss technology innovations that will drive the future of transportation and the evolution of personal and goods mobility.

Alexandre Bayen – Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, U.C. Berkeley
Steven Shladover – Program Manager, California PATH, U.C. Berkeley
Dirk Smits, VP, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, Samsung
Trevor Darrell – Co-Director, PATH; Director Berkeley Deep Drive


2:45  Session 5: Industry's Perspective: Technology Advancements and Transformational Changes in Transportation – Moderator: Ching-Yao Chan

  • industry has  made tremendous investments in many fronts in vehicular technologies and in the transportation field. Impactful innovations have been spearheaded by the private sector to leverage the latest advancements in communication, data science, sensing, and computing technologies. These trends have the potential to profoundly alter the landscape of the transportation space. In this session, the panelists will share with us their perspectives on how they see the safety, mobility, and environmental benefits can be realized.    

Behzad Dariush, Principal Scientist, Honda Research Institute, Honda
Ian Kendall, Principal Engineer, Electronics Research Lab, VW of America
​Jim Misener, Director, Qualcomm
Robert Seidl, Managing Partner, Motus Ventures 
Peter Sweatman, Principal, CAVita


4:00 Break


4:15 Session 6: Positioning California, PATH, and our Partners for Success in the Coming Decades – Moderator, Joe Butler

  • Panelists, with the participation of the all attendees, will discuss how California, PATH, and our partners can be well positioned to lead the nation and world in ITS research and development. 

Greg Larson - Division of Research, Innovation and System Information, Caltrans
Wei-Bin Zhang – Program Leader, California PATH, U.C. Berkeley
Nick Compin - Division of Traffic Operations, Caltrans
Dan Lukasik - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) & Tolling Sector Vice President, Parsons


5:15 Adjourn to Reception
5:30 Reception – U.C. Berkeley Alumni House
6:30 Dinner – U.C. Berkeley Alumni House


DAY 2 - Friday February 17, 2017


8:00 Breakfast – Garbarini Lounge, Lobby of Bechtel Engineering Center

8:45 Session 7: Lessons from the Trenches:  How our PATH experience prepared us for going out into the wider world to solve problems - Moderator: Steve Shladover; Sibley Auditorium

  • Former PATH researchers, students and visitors who have gone on to become leaders in industry, academia and government discuss their PATH experiences and the exciting work that they are doing now to improve transportation systems.

Mark Miller, Datta Godbole, Alan Arai, Satyajit Patwardhan, Aleks Gollu, Aviv Cohen, Geoffrey Gosling, Jacob Tsao, Jean-Luc Ygnace, Huadong Meng, Kun Zhou, Xiaoyun Lu, plus others.

9:30 Session 8: Research Exchange and Collaboration Alliance

Sibley Auditorium, Moderator; Ching-Yao Chan,

  • This information exchange will interest all participants! Past, current, and future partners and friends will discuss their involvement in the development of ITS, their current focus as well as suggestions for future collaboration.
Prof. Nan Zhou, Director for Sino-US technology Innovation Center, Shandong University
Prof. Tao Tang, Director, State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University (invited)
Rajiv Singhal, Director, LiLee Systems
Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari Network
Brian Burkhard, ITS Group Leader, Jacobs Engineering
Jinqing Zhu, Data Scientist, Didi-Chuxing
Junyong Lee, Global R&D Expert, Hyundai Motors
Ali Mortazavi, Manager, Nissan R&D Silicon Valley
Jeff Spencer, Executive Director, Sacramento Transportation Authority


10:45 Break


11:00 Session 9: Defining the PATH for the Future of Transportation - Tom West and Trevor Darrell moderators

  • In this concluding session, a panel of past PATH Directors and distinguished visitors will take a broad view, based on the past 30 years of experience, on the roles that universities, the public and the private sector need to fulfill to achieve the needed improvements to our transportation system over the next thirty years. 

Pravin Varaiya, Professor Emeritus, Professor in the Graduate School, EECS UC Berkeley
Randolph Hall, Vice President for Research, University of Southern California
Alex Skabardonis, Professor-in-Residence, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
C. Michael Walton - Professor of civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Roberto Horowitz, Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

12:00 Closing Remarks

12:15 Luncheon-Garbarini Lounge, Lobby of Bechtel Engineering Center