Mineichi Kogami

Visiting Scholar

1357 S.46th Street
Bldg. 177, Room 5, Richmond Field Station
Richmond, CA 94804-3580
United States
Email Address: 

Current Research

Autonomous vehicle testing system

  • System verification in manufacturing process
  • Testing integrity of autonomous driving functions that utilize various sensors such as radar, lidar, and cameras

Implementation of driver-assistance or automatic (brake) activation systems on big vehicles

  • Aftermarket installation
  • OEMs

Primary Research Collaborator:  Dr. Ching-Yao Chan


Mineichi Kogami past work experince includes: 

  • 1967, received his Bachelor of Applied Physics, Tokyo University where he majored as a Semiconductor
  • 1969, received his Masters of Applied Physics, Tokyo University
  • 1969, worked for nuclear power station computer control at Toshiba Co. LTD.
  • 1974, worked at General Electric Co. in San Jose and Chicago under assignment by Toshiba Co. LTD.
  • 1977, worked on design and software of nuclear power station operation simulator, especially nuclear reactor core's modeling and simulation software, Toshiba Co. LTD
  • 1984, CEO of Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1984, worked on car engine evaluation test bench system, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1985, system design and installation of RFID tag system for automobile production line, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1990, RFID tag systems for logistics, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1992, “Quick QC,” PDF QC control terminal system, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1994, "Kentarou system," built construction progress checking system using PDF terminal, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 1997, worked on LASER drilling machine for high accuracy printed circuit board (for PC CPU chip), collaboration with Panasonic, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 2005, developed web video camera system for automobile production line, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 2007, EV car motor, HEV car motor evaluation test, Sandex Co. LTD.
  • 2008, developed car battery evaluation system, Sandex Co. LTD.