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Dr. Gabriel Gomes is a researcher and lecturer at California PATH with expertise in the areas of traffic modeling, simulation, and system control. Dr. Gomes received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela in 1996. In 2004 he earned his Ph.D. in systems and control theory from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley where his research focused on developing ramp metering strategies for congested freeways. Later, he joined the California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) where he participated in several projects spanning a variety of traffic related topics.

Dr. Gomes joined PATH as an Assistant Research Engineer in 2008. At that time he worked mainly on projects in the area of intelligent transportation systems, network modeling, and traffic prediction. Recently his research has focused on the hybrid simulation of traffic networks in high-performance computing environments. He is the author of Open Traffic Models, a multi-scale traffic simulation tool. He is co-author of the Operations Planning Toolbox. OPT provides rapid evaluation capabilities for operations and planning practitioners at Caltrans.

In addition to his research activities at PATH, Dr. Gomes teaches several courses with the department of Mechanical Engineering at U.C. Berkeley, including courses in control theory, control of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and data science. He also supervises capstone projects with the College of Engineering’s MEng program. These projects cover a wide range of topics including robotics, solar energy, digital health, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and smart exercise machines. He is the author of over 50 papers in various areas of engineering.


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