Greg Merritt


410-1 McLaughlin Hall, MC 1720
BerkeleyCA 94720
United States
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As a staff member at the UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation studies since 2001, Greg Merritt has contributed to transportation research projects by coding tools for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization, in addition to providing systems and network engineering support.  He has also used machine learning and sentiment analysis techniques to investigate new possibilities at the intersection of big data and social media.

Merritt currently serves as the PATH Connected Corridors technology transfer coordinator, and conducts system-level testing for the Connected Corridors software and systems.  

In previous positions in industry and research, he has coded a variety of data acquisition and processing software to support a range of applications, including charged particle detectors destined for spaceflight, novel microscopes for biological studies, and network provisioning systems.

Merritt earned his BA in Physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and his Masters degree in Applied Physics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


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