Karl Zipser


University of California, Berkeley
175 Li Ka Shing Center, MC#3370
BerkeleyCA 94720
United States
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In 2014, Dr. Karl Zipser was appointed as an assistant researcher at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the U.C. Berkeley. Together with Dr. Ben Inglis, manager of the Brain Imaging Center at U.C. Berkeley, Dr. Zipser is optimizing “multi-band” scanning protocols for high-resolution full brain fMRI scanning. In 2016, Dr. Zipser began working with the newly created Berkeley DeepDrive research center as a Principal Investigator.

Prior to beginning research at UC Berkeley, Dr. Zipser spent a decade devoted to visual art. Working in The Netherlands, he sold his paintings in several Dutch galleries. His experiences as an artist have provided useful insights into visual perception which he has shared with both scientists and artists -- previously on a website he founded call ArtAndPerception.com, which for several years was a lively forum for discussion of art and perception. Although he no longer has time to practice art himself, he maintains ongoing discussions with artists about his neuroscience research, a process which is informative both for him and the practicing artists.


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