R&D Engineering Manager 1

News! The California PATH program is looking for a dynamic leader interested in transforming decision making through the use of big data, machine learning, and cloud computing – for the Connected Corridors Team. This team is about to launch an Amazon cloud-based, Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) system in the Los Angeles region.

With the launch of the system in 2020, the fundamental capabilities to gather, process and utilize data for traffic management will be in place. The challenge is to grow the vision, manage a world-class, 20-person team and enable the state-wide adoption of improved traffic management through decision support and data management. 

The job is challenging, but the rewards are substantial. There are few places with as many opportunities as UC Berkeley and, with the ongoing support of Caltrans, worthy accomplishments are possible. This is a position for an individual who is not afraid of risk, is courageous enough to put forward a vision, and who understands that all things important are accomplished through teamwork and collaboration.  

If interested, follow this link and search for job ID 26294