Xiao Zhou


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Current Research

Dr. Xiao Zhou is an associate professor at Wuhan University of Technology. Since 2017, he has been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Institute of Transportation Studies and California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH). His main research fields include: image processing, pattern recognition, machine vision, and their applications in intelligent transportation, medical image processing, industrial inspection, and photo-electronic measurement systems. Dr. Zhou's research collaborator at UC Berkeley is Wei-Bin Zhang.


Dr. Zhou obtained his Bachelor degree in computer science from China University of Geosciences in 2000. After working at a software company for two years as a senior programmer, he earned his Ph.d. in Control Science and Engineering from IPRAI, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in 2009. Dr. Zhou worked as a associate professor at Wuhan University of Technology, where he has actively participated in many research projects spanning a variety of areas including but not limited to: intelligent traffic surveillance, visual navigation, industrial flaw detection, and photo-electronic measurement.

Referred Publications

1. Zhou Xiao, Zheng xiaoliang, Ou Kejun, A real-time power line detect system based on stereo vision, IEEE International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing. 2017.

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5. Zhou Xiao, Hu Ruo-lan, Zhang Gui-lin. Second order morphology algorithm for IR small target enhancement in sea clutter background. 2010 International Conference on Optics,Photonics and Energy, 2010.