Development of the Advanced Rotary Plow (ARP) for Snow Removal Operations

This project demonstrated an Advanced Rotary Plow (ARP) with automatic steering that allows the ARP to follow magnets embedded in the pavement. This project is one of the first real-world applications derived from PATH/Caltrans research in the area of automated vehicle control. A modified snowblower with add-on sensors, actuator, computer and driver interfaces was developed, and initial field tests were conducted along the 8 guardrail sections between Kingvale and Soda Springs on the shoulders of Interstate-80 near Donner Summit. The results from the field tests and ride-along demonstrated that the prototype system achieved all critical performance goals and received very positive feedback from various stakeholders as well as the operators.  Although a full winter field operational tests were not completed due to the end of the winter season, the successful development as well as the initial field tests suggests feasibility toward deployment.  Final report.

Advanced Rotary Plow ARP Kingvale, CA