PATH is fortunate to have a number of world-renowned faculty members and program leaders guiding PATH's research. This includes Principal Investigators who personally conduct or supervise the research, program leaders who administer and oversee PATH projects, and visiting scholars from other top universities both in the United States and around the world. The faculty members' and program leader's depth of knowledge and experience provide quality leadership and vision to the program.


PATH staff works with the faculty to administer and manage projects, as well as to oversee the PATH organization. The staff at PATH is diverse and includes administrators; analysts; financial, contract, and officer managers; communication specialists; engineers and computer scientists; and human resource and purchasing liaisons. Staff researchers play an important role in conducting and supervising the organization's specialized research and scholarly training. PATH staff has worked in academia as well as in the public and private sectors, bringing a wealth of wisdom and skills to the organization.


PATH students investigate, develop, and evaluate new transportation and engineering processes and equipment in order to solve specific problems. Students at PATH-including undergraduate students, graduate student researchers, and postdoctoral researchers- have wide-ranging roles and responsibilities. While the majority of students working with PATH are attending UC Berkeley, the organization also hosts international students from universities throughout Asia and Europe. PATH would not be what it is today without a long history of students research and advancing PATH projects and programs