Augmented Speed Enforcement

Lightly traveled rural roads have an excessive number of high-speed crashes relative to their traffic volumes. Construction zones can be especially hazardous for drivers and road workers alike. However, enforcement efforts are hampered by a lack of police officers and difficulties in capturing speed data. This PATH project focuses on developing technology to reduce speed violations and support on-road enforcement for the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The augmented speed enforcement system (aSE) includes a speed camera that captures speeding vehicles, and a changeable message sign that displays the speeder’s license plate number and measured speed. A web page was also developed that allows police to monitor the information collected through the system. Field testing showed the system was effective in reducing the number of speeding vehicles. The aSE system and lessons learned in this project can be considered for deployment in a variety of safety applications in both urban and rural settings where excess speed is a safety concern.