I-Team Reports

No. 1

Innovation Team Internal District Innovations

No. 2

Safety and System Performance Innovation Team Selection Subcommittee Meeting

No. 3

I-Team Opportunity Evaluation Process

No. 4

CCTV Information Relay

No. 5

Concurrent Freeway and Train Travel Times

No. 6

Freeway and Highway Access Management Solutions

No. 7

Lighting Management Systems

No. 8

Off-Pavement Detection that Detects & Distinguishes Between Bikes and Cars/Trucks

No. 9

Roadway Weather Information Systems Information Relay

No. 10

CMS Diagnostics Module

No. 11

Hawk Pedestrian Beacon

No. 12

Rectangular Flashing Beacon

No. 13

Find Effective Methods to prevent Wire Theft from Caltrans Infrastructure

No. 14

Professional Capacity Building for Rural ITS Communications