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V. 19

No. 1 - Answering the Challenges of Regulating Automated Vehicle Testing and Development in California; Field Operational Tests of Transit Vehicle Assist and Automation Technologies; Vehicle Automation Research at California PATH; PATH History of Research on Road Vehicle Automation

 V. 18

No. 1 - Augmented Speed Enforcement; Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control - Improving Traffic Flow and Driving; New Upgrade Connected Vehicle Test Bed in Palo Alto and San Jose

 V. 17

No. 1 - Connected Corridors, Hybrid Data Fusion,  Tools for Operations Planning, Mobile Millennium

V. 16

No. 1 - Real-TimeTraveler Information, BRT Performance; Truck Platooning

V. 15

No. 1 - Vehicle Assist Automation; ITS; Magnetic Markers

V. 14

No. 1 - Implementing Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) - Real World Challenges; Travel Behavior

No. 2 - Safety Evaluation of HOV; Tools for Operational Planning; Automated Bus for BRT

V. 13

No. 1 - Tools for Law Enforcement; Smart Parking; 

No. 2 - Parsons Traffic and Transit Lab; Fuel Cell Vehicles; Notable Visitors

V. 12

No. 1 - Virtual Weigh Station; Travel Behavior Research; Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

No. 2 - OnBoard Monitoring for Truck Safety; Improving Freight Movement; Automated Trailer Steering;  EasyConnect: Easing the Connection Between Transit and Employment

V. 11

No. 1 - Smart Parking; ITS and Corridor Management; 

No. 2 - Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration; Intelligent Intersection; Changeable Message Signs

No. 3 - New PATH Leadership; Vehicle Infrastructure integration for Pedestrians; ITS & Transit; Video data - NGSIM Prototype

No. 4 - Intermodal Airport Ground Access; Ramp Metering; ITS 12th World Congress

V. 10

No. 1 - Deploying ITS; Experimental Testbed; PATH Vehicle demo

No. 2 - Roadway Detector Evaluation; New Transportation options; Bus Rapid Transit; 

No. 3 - Samer Madanat; Smart Buses & Smart Intersections; Ramp Metering; Bus Rapid Transit; 

No. 4 - Automated Snowblower; DSRC for Safety; 

V. 9

No. 1 - Advances in Transportation Management and IS; TravInfo; Electronic Toll Systems; ITS Organizations

No. 2 - Advances in Perfromance Measurement; Platoon Travel Fuel Savings; Freway Perfromance Measurement (PeMS);

No. 3 - Carlink sucess; Photodiode Detection for Vehicles; PATH at SmartCruise Demo 2000

No. 4 - Magnetic and GPS Aided Guidance System; CarLink II Award; Bus Rapid transit; Freway Traffic Data; 

V. 8

No 1 - Car Sharing; ITS Project; Paratransit

No. 2 -  HOV Lanes; Steering Control; Ohio Demonstration

No. 3 - Advanced Traffic control; Intelligent Surveillance

V. 7

No. 1 - ATMIS Test Bed; Urban Corridor Control; Acuated Traffic Signal Control; PATH Demonstrations (including  Netherlands)

No. 2 - Transit Issues; Automating bus Docking; Transit Access for Impaired; Control Strategies for Transit Priority; Netherlands Demo

No. 3 - Electronic toll Collection; Control Design for Offshore airbse; Precision Docking

No. 4 - Advanced Snowplow; Truck Lateral Control; Truck Logitudinal Control; Magnetic Guidance System

V. 6

No. 1 - Surveillance in ITS; Travel Time Estimation; Video Processing for TrafficTravInfo Travel Data; Chrysler Test Vehicle

No. 2 - Need for ITS Surveillance; Loop Detectors; Advanced Image Techniques; Mobile Video Surveillance and Ramp Metering

No. 3 -  Automated Highway Demonstratinos: Demo` 97; GM-PATH Demo; Honda-PATH Demo; AHS - NAHSC; Societal and Institutional Issues of AHS

No. 4 - Karl Hedrick; Future AVCSS Direction; Energy Savings wiht LED; 

V. 5

No. 1 - SmartPath Simulation; DYNAVIS:  Dynamic Visualization fo rAutomatic Vehicle Control Systems; Truck Visualization; Low cost Driving Simulation

No. 2 - Inertial Sensors; Crash Sensing; Sensor Fusion; Magnetic Sensors

No. 3 - Field Operational Tests; Smart CallBoxes; Spreadspectrum Radio; TravelInfo; TransCal IRTIS; Ramp Metering

No. 4 - Automated Highway Systems; Magnetic Markers; Ultra-Reliable Vehicles; Ahs tools; Societal Issues

V. 4

No. 1 - Automated Follwoing Demonstrated in San Diego; CA Transportation Management Centers: Past, Present, and Future; Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Rapid Estimation of Network Flow

No. 2 - ITS Impact on Vehicle Emissions; PATH and National ITS Architecture; Presentations Around the World; National AHS Consortium Update; Annual PATH Program-wide Meeting at Richmond Field Station 

No. 3 - Automated Highway - Automated Shuttle; Lateral Control; PATH Test Track

No. 4 - Vehicle Control Software Validation; Research Results and Future Directions of ITS Deployment; PATH Welcomes Numerous Visitors

V. 3

No. 1 - PATH Connects in France; New Incident Database Collected in Bay Area Freeway; Packet Radio Architecture; International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory

No. 2 - PATH Bids Farewell to Director Orne; IVHS America Coordinating Council Bay Area Tour; PATH Hosts Second Annual Program-wide Meeting at Berkeley Marina; Automated Highway Systems

No. 3 - Highway Surveillance System, Fuzzy Logic Control; PATH at IVHS America, 

No. 4 - New PATH Director; Working on Safety in PATH; Visitors to PATH

V. 2

No. 1 - Platoon Demos; Rethinking California's Transportation Plan; Ranging Sensor Technology; Driving Industry Growth

No.  2 - Wind tunnel Testing; Lateral Control; 1992 in Review; Advanced Technologies

No. 3 - Project Milestone; DYNAVIS: A Dynamic Visualization Environemnet; New Access for File Search; Smart PATH Simulates AHS Coordination 

V. 1

No. 1  Don Orne; Magnetic Sensor Test track; PATH Database

No. 2 - TRB; FASTCARSProgram;  Human Factors; 

No. 3 - IVHS America; IVHS Demo; INRAD Project